A request to Council.

Thank you for the Hazard Forum on the weekend.
A very much needed discussion and vital for the future of our city.
The communities certainly appreciate the increased transparency.
My concerns as mentioned are the following.
Residents have no access to information about the actual damage of their own land that was fully insured.
The critical informations that are missing are the following.
  1. Subsidence, Elevation before and after the earthquakes. In centimeters.
  2. Lateral spreading quantified in direction and centimeters
  3. Changes in Groundwater. Due to changes in groundwater some land has lost the bearing capacity. Original foundations are designed for a particular land strength and wet sand versus dry sand can loose up to 50% of bearing capacity. This generates subsidence risk and increased Liquefaction vulnerability that has to be recognized and communicated.
  4. Liquefaction vulnerability. This is what caused most of the damage in canterbury. Information about vulnerability before and after the earthquake should be made available to the public.
  5. Flood risk before and after the earthquakes.
  6. 1/100 year Mike Flood map produced by DHI for EQC and Council should be made available to the public. (This is not private information for EQC)
I have extensively tried to get information about who determines the Land Categories. EQC points at Council and CERA.
CERA point at Council, Council points at MBIE. MBIE does not answer. I am referring to category 8 and 9. Liquefaction and Flooding.
I have also asked what impact do hazards identified of the LIM of a property have on land claim settlement, to no avail.
I do not find it excusable that the stakeholder that has the most at stake is denied access to these information.
The residents are slammed with up to 30% reduction in land value without any explanation.
For example TC3 in my street has dropped about 30% and that excludes devaluation from the 2007 value.
While TC1 in the same street maintains its 2007 value.
It is stated by Quotable Value that this  devaluation is not earthquake related.
That simply does not add up as the most affected land value is in the worst affected land damage area.
Worst affected sections are now rated  at less than 100k. No section is available at that price.
The worst affected get the worst treatment and their equity drastically removed while all had full insurance.
I have had correspondence with CERA on some of the land information issues and have had professional input from Adrian Cowie Professional Surveyor on this.
I attach the correspondence FYI.
I think this is a perfect opportunity to work together and display the “duty of care” that the public is entitled to.
Where there is a will there is a way.
Recommendations from the Royal Commission
“Section 4: Soils and foundations

The soils in the Christchurch CBD, being highly variable both horizontally and vertically across short distances, pose challenges for the design of structures and their foundations to withstand the potential impact of future large earthquakes. The Royal Commission considers that there must be greater focus on geotechnical investigations to reduce the risk of unsatisfactory foundation performance.

Tonkin and Taylor, for the Christchurch City Council (CCC), evaluated the nature and variability of subsurface conditions in the Christchurch CBD and adjacent commercial areas to the south and north-east. This will be held in a database available to the public. This information will be of assistance in assessing the potential need for land improvement, in the selection of appropriate foundation types, and in the planning of detailed investigation of foundation soils.

We make detailed recommendations in respect of site investigations, ground improvement and foundations design. Some recommendations are of particular relevance in the Christchurch CBD but many are of wider application.

– See more at: http://canterbury.royalcommission.govt.nz/Final-Report—Summary-and-Recommendations#sthash.43x9gQIi.dpuf

I trust this email explains some of the vital issues that are key components for the recovery progress.
Residents do not like to be kept in the dark for years, that contributes to social unrest.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Best regards,
Hugo Kristinsson
Empowered Christchurch


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