Guidance for risk-based building consenting

This document outlines the Risk Based Building Consents.
Shows how Building Consent Authority avoids liability by limiting inspections.
Shows the obligations of the owner.
Explains the different Building Consents.
An interesting statement from the Government is also included.
It is surprising as the Government decided to exclude specifically all the mandatory written contracts when implementing the legislation change of the Building Act. Therefore all our guarantees.

“The Government as a whole is concerned to ensure the Canterbury rebuild work is undertaken to a high quality and the people impacted are not exposed to safety risks or building work where normal quality considerations are compromised. Potential repetitional risk on the PMOs will also help create an incentive to ensure the work is code compliant.”

Yeah right!


Know your rights

Repair or replacement to ‘as when new’

If you have a total replacement policy (and most people do) you are entitled to lodge a claim and the assessed loss to be repaired or replaced to “as when new” standard using today’s materials and techniques complying with Government and local Authority regulations and by laws. Continue reading

CCC Floor Levels

Information about floor levels and changes resulting from the earthquakes can be found on the council’s website here: Floor levels in residential homes in christchurch.

This page contains details on how to use the map detailing the flood management area (FMA), as well as some FAQs. Read the page thoroughly to understand the different terminology that is used on the map, as it can be a little confusing.

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